The Texas Energy Law Association (TELA) is a charitable and educational tax-exempt organization that supports, promotes, and encourages legal education, research, and writing in the area of energy law. The primary focus of TELA is to act as an advisory and support resource to the Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law at the University of Texas (TJOGEL) and its members.

All TJOGEL alumni are members of TELA.  TELA’s purpose is to serve as an alumni association that strives to:

  • cultivate the leadership of the journal by providing academic scholarships,
  • strengthen the financial position of the journal through long-term fiscal planning,
  • foster energy law employment opportunities for journal members and alumni, and
  • encourage post-graduation involvement in the journal.

The organization shall always act in the best interests of TJOGEL and to further the mission of TJOGEL.

TELA was formed in 2010 by a group of UT Law alumni who are some of TJOGEL’s founding members and early leaders. This group has a collective vision to establish an alumni organization that will help support TJOGEL to establish and maintain its preeminence as the leading scholarly journal on energy law, and to support TJOGEL’s members both during law school and after graduation.

TELA is a non-profit organization, currently funded by a small group of dedicated alumni, which is now seeking the involvement of other alumni who share their interest in maintaining a vibrant connection between TJOGEL and its alumni.  Since the inception of TJOGEL at UT Law more than ten years ago, hundreds of law students have been members of TJOGEL or its society program. With the creation of TELA it is now possible to continue involvement with TJOGEL members and other law practitioners and scholars of energy law after leaving the law school.


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